5 Harry Potter Scenes So Cringeworthy They Hurt Worse Than Crucio, Ranked

Every film franchise has those scenes that you skip every time you see them simply out of second-hand embarrassment. Harry Potter is no exception.

Here are five Harry Potter scenes that made us turn away from the screen.

5. The Awkward Dances in the Goblet of Fire

The fourth Harry Potter movie is a disaster in its own right, but those dances that the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students perform as they enter the Great Hall are on another level of cringey.

They are too long, overtly gender-specific, and frankly, just plain unnecessary. The filmmakers should’ve spent all that extra screen time on the Quidditch World Cup – then maybe the movie wouldn’t have sucked so much.

4. The Entire Finale of the Deathly Hallows 2

The final installment of the Harry Potter saga is a disappointment in many ways, but nothing can top that ridiculous finale. From “Come on, Tom, let’s finish this the way we started – together” to Voldemort’s crumbs, the scene is just not it.

We get that it was supposed to feel epic, but instead, it just feels pretentious. The Dark Lord could’ve Avada Kedavra-ed Harry a billion times while he was talking…

3. The Half-Blood Prince Scene Where Dumbledore Oversteps

Dumbledore didn’t like to share the details of his personal life, but he had no problem asking Harry about his love life. Remember that cringey scene in the sixth film where Harry comes into the Headmaster’s office for another lesson and Dumbledore makes a suggestion about him and Hermione?

It truly seemed out of place, as if the director just wanted to give the fans a canonical confirmation that Harry and Hermione are not a thing in the movies.

2. That Shoelace Tying Scene in the Half-Blood Prince

Harry and Ginny have the worst on-screen relationship and zero chemistry. Apparently, the director of the sixth movie thought that having Ginny tie Harry’s shoelaces would somehow fix that. Surprise: not only did it not fix it, but it also made everyone uncomfortable – the couple in question and all of the viewers. It was truly something else.

1. The Goblet of Fire Scene Where Dumbledore Loses It

“Harry, did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire?” Dumbledore asked calmly. Well, he sure isn’t all that calm in the movie. The scene is hard to watch: Dumbledore sounds like he is having a stroke and can’t compose himself.

We were scarred when we first saw it, and nothing has changed since then.

Imagine how many more cringeworthy moments we’ll be obsessing over once the Harry Potter reboot comes out… Can’t wait!

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