Aaliya Siddiqui clarifies she hasn’t taken alimony from Nawazuddin Siddiqui, reveals their daughter Shora’s reaction to her new man from Italy | Hindi Movie News

Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s estranged wife Aaliya Siddiqui recently opened up about the accusation that she took alimony from her ex-husband after things were sorted between them financially.
Speaking to an entertainment portal, Aaliya clarified that she has not taken even a single rupee from that man (Nawaz). Instead, she has given him in written that whatever he wants from me, he can take, except for the house.
Aaliya further explained that she needs that house to live her life and claimed that she has an equal share in that house. She wants her half from Nawaz so that she can settle her dues and take care of herself on her own.
She said that the monetary exchange that has happened between her and Nawaz is court-mandated. She added that whatever amount of money Nawaz is giving her on monthly basis is because the court has ordered him to do so.
She also insisted that it is her who left Nawaz and not the other way round and it is Nawaz who has always told her that he has given her this and that much money.

Aaliya then talked about the new man in her life. Spilling the beans on her new relationship, she revealed that she met this man from Italy at a party. He liked her eyes and she liked her face and then they started talking. She also said that the man supported her a lot mentally during her difficult time. She called him intelligent and a gentleman.

She also revealed her daughter Shora asked her about her new man in life and she told her that he is her friend and nothing more. Shora then told Aaliya if she would tell her the truth, she will respect her. And Aaliya said that she will definitely tell Shora about this new relationship when the time is right.
She wants Shora to be little more mature and she may tell her in one or two years. However, Aaliya said that she has no plans to get married or be in a live-in relationship with him. She just wants someone, a friend, with whom she can spend time, again insisting that here’s nothing more than friendship.
Aaliya also made it clear that she is not officially divorced from Nawaz yet.

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