AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (June 7, 2023): MJF roasts Adam Cole

AEW Dynamite (June 7, 2023) emanated from The Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs, CO. The show featured MJF roasting Adam Cole, Forbidden Door news, Bullet Club bullshit, Orange Cassidy finding a way to win, and much more.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

MJF roasts Adam Cole

MJF needed a challenger for the AEW World Championship, and Adam Cole stepped up. In their first promo battle, MJF roasted Cole. Not even Mr. BayBay is on the level of the devil.

MJF felt that nobody in AEW was competition for him. Once Cole arrived on the scene, MJF told a story of discovering Cole in ROH back in the day. After CM Punk turned out to be a disappointment in young Maxwell’s life, he found motivation in the work of Cole. He studied Cole’s matches trying to follow in his footsteps. MJF pumped up the career of Cole then flushed him down the drain.

MJF mocked this version of Cole that stood in front of him. This was not the same man that MJF idolized. Cole went from Panama Playboy to Panama Gameboy. MJF criticized Cole’s frail frame and agreed with Vince McMahon’s assessment that Cole lacks top guy potential.

Cole took it in stride comparing MJF to a toxic social media troll. He then accused MJF of being on steroids. Cole rattled on about how nobody respects MJF. Cole eventually found a sore spot to manipulate the champ. A fighting champion would step up, but Cole painted MJF as someone who clearly knows would lose this match. MJF exploded with emotion that he could beat Cole any time. Cole used that statement as an agreement to a match. Mic drop, baybay.

Watch the segment for yourself.

AEW announced MJF versus Cole in a title eliminator next week.

Round one between MJF and Cole is over, and my score goes to MJF. It wasn’t even close. I’m fully aware that opinions of this promo battle will vary depending on how much stock individual viewers put into the idea of Cole as a superstar. I tried to jive with the Adam Cole experience, and he does nothing for me. MJF carried this segment with the history lesson trying to hype Cole as a top talent. He torched Cole with truths, while Cole relied on denial, accusations, and tired talking points. It’s a shame that AEW had MJF play the dope to fall for Cole’s verbal tricks. I suppose that’s the way it has to be for a weasel heel.

Once this scene wrapped, I was most curious about AEW’s timing on starting this feud. MJF’s promo began as a way leading to a NJPW challenger. Would AEW really keep MJF off the Forbidden Door card? If not, then why juice this feud now? I’m wondering where it fits on the calendar. All In is too far away. They pretty much did all the talking that was necessary in that promo. What more needs to be said to carry this feud on longer? The way the result of next week’s match plays out will be telling. It is hard to envision MJF losing, unless he is caught cheating to earn a disqualification.

Forbidden Door

The Forbidden Door PPV is coming fast on June 25. You might have missed the build if you blinked at the wrong time. AEW announced two crossover matches with NJPW. The news was already out on social media, but it was important to be aired on television.

Bryan Danielson will wrestle Kazuchika Okada in a dream match.

On Dynamite, the Blackpool Combat Club wrestled Best Friends & Rocky Romero representing the Chaos faction, which is led by Okada. BCC won. There didn’t appear to be any obvious storytelling to advance toward the PPV. I suppose Chaos could send some NJPW wrestlers to challenge Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, and Wheeler Yuta.

The other bout will be for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship when Kenny Omega defends against Will Ospreay.

Both the Forbidden Door matches should be great, however, the Dynamite factor is pretty cold right now for the PPV. Granted, the novelty of a supershow sells itself to a certain extent. I feel like AEW swung too far the other way after valid criticism that NJPW showcases muddied the Dynamite product last year on the road to Forbidden Door. AEW has two more weeks to fire it up for the masses.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy retained against Swerve Strickland. Cassidy continued with the wear and tear story. It didn’t help that Swerve smashed OC’s hand into the ring post. That damage prevented Cassidy from making clean covers, such as Swerve surviving the superman punch to Beach Break combo and kicking out. In the end, Cassidy showed his championship mettle by kicking out of a flying double stomp. When Swerve went for the JML driver, Cassidy escaped for a roll-up. Swerve reversed for top position and grabbed the tights. Cassidy was able to get free, then he grabbed Swerve’s tights to secure the winning pin.

Afterward, the Embassy rushed the ring. Lights out, lights on. Sting and Darby Allin were there with baseball bats. AEW announced Swerve & the Embassy versus Cassidy, Allin, Sting, & Keith Lee in an 8-man tag for next week.

That was a nifty match to open the show. The story of Cassidy’s health added drama, and the finish was slick. Cassidy found a way to win by hook or by crook. It worked here giving Swerve a taste of his own medicine. Many assumed Swerve winning gold was a foregone conclusion on this evening. In my eyes, the Cassidy win makes sense. Swerve’s talent is clearly visible, but I don’t think AEW has built him up enough to be a singles champion. It wouldn’t have felt special if Swerve won here, and the end of Cassidy’s reign needs to be a special moment. As it stands now, AEW has the edge in keeping us guessing who could be the man to dethrone the champ. In the meantime, soak in Cassidy’s run with greatness.

Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, & Wheeler Yuta defeated Trent Beretta, Chuck Taylor, & Rocky Romero. Chaos caused chaos before the bell taking the fight to the Blackpool Combat Club. They almost scored a quick win if not for Claudio making the save on the pin. BCC regained their composure, and the rest of the match was competitive. The closing sequence began with Romero armbarring Moxley. Trent tried to take out Claudio, but the ROH champ countered with an uppercut. Moxley countered the submission into a bulldog choke. Yuta dropkicked Chuck and rained down vicious elbows to prevent a save. Moxley transitioned to a rear choke for victory as Azucar tapped out.

This was a surprisingly good match. The quality wasn’t surprising given so much talent in the ring. I was impressed by Chaos showing a real edge in attitude against the BCC. I wouldn’t say they used illegal tactics, but they definitely had some dirty moments. Even though the Best Friends hugged, they still brought the intensity. The match came down to separating the professionals from the amateurs. Chuck blew his focus in a key moment. The Best Friends hit a flying stomp Strong Zero combo on Mox. As Chuck pounded the mat in anticipation of victory, Claudio ran in to break the pin. If Chuck had his head on a swivel, then they would have won. Compare that to how Yuta took down Chuck to stop the save on Mox’s winning submission.

And speaking of Yuta and Chuck, give me that fight in singles action, please. Yuta exploded with elbow strikes at the end and continued well after the bell. There were genuine bad feelings in Yuta’s fury. It looked badass as a way to set up a match.

Backstage, the Hung Bucks challenged BCC to a match next week. Danielson did not hesitate to accept on behalf of his pals.

Texas Tornado: Jungle Boy & Hook defeated Preston Vance & Dralistico. This fight was bonkers from the get-go. Hook shined with the top spots. He blasted Vance with a chain-fist superman punch leaping off the barricade. Perro Peligroso was a bloody mess after impact.

Later, Vance thought he would have payback through a table, but Jungle Boy whacked him with a chair to save Hook. The FTW champ t-bone suplexed Vance down through the wood.

Jose The Assistant tried to trifle in the outcome. Hook choked him in Redrum. That cleared the path for JB to stretch Dralistico in the Snare Trap submission for victory.

Damn, Hook was on fire. Despite his experience level, he crushes ever opportunity AEW grants him. I’m hesitant to suggest pushing him too fast, but he has aced every test so far. Hook just might be ready to move up the card. Vance was on point playing the larger foil for Hook to throttle. Jungle Boy and Dralistico carried their weight as well in making this match a blast of entertainment.

Konosuke Takeshita defeated Damon Ace. Squash win via running knee. Takeshita soaked in the boos. Afterward, Don Callis tried to speak, but he was drown out by jeers. His point was that Kenny Omega was a cancer that needed to be cut out.

That nuclear heat is amazing. I love seeing a reaction that visceral.

TBS Championship: Kris Statlander retained against Anna Jay. Daddy Magic was ringside to interfere. Anna secured the Queen Slayer choke, but Statlander rose to her feet to rally for the tombstone piledriver.

The champ took care of business in a solid challenge. The real intrigue was Taya Valkyrie steaming a stink eye at Statlander’s success while watching on a monitor backstage.

“Switchblade” Jay White defeated Ricky Starks. Juice Robinson and FTR were banned from ringside. Down the stretch, White put his knee up to block a spear. White wanted to finish with the Blade Runner, but Starks escaped to run the ropes for a spear. Starks wasn’t content to win like that. He wanted to rub it in with the Roshambo. Success! Unfortunately, White’s feet collided into the referee. The ref was down, and nobody was there to count the pin for Starks. The Gunns ran in for the 3:10 to Yuma. White hit the Blade Runner to win the main event.

This was an overdone finish that didn’t make anybody look better in the result. I guess Starks has bragging rights that victory should have been his. AEW protected White with the interference run-in. Basically, nothing was settled in this feud, and it has failed to elevate White even though he’s getting the wins.

Notes: Matt Hardy’s goal is to turn Ethan Page into a better human. Jeff Hardy wants Page to use his ego for good. I like this angle on the contract story of forced servitude. Sure, Matt will make Page be a go-fer, but the story can have some heart to it.

Tony Khan announced the main event for the debut of Collision on June 17. Get ready for CM Punk & FTR versus Samoa Joe & Bullet Club Gold. I’m curious to see if any type of relationship develops between Joe and the Bullet Club.

Christian Cage had Luchasaurus beat up Brock Anderson backstage. That was payback for Arn Anderson interfering in the TNT title match. This has my interest to see Arn’s reaction, however, not so much on a rematch between Christian and Wardlow. Let’s keep Wardlow chowing on fresh challengers.

Rampage will have a four-way to earn a women’s world title shot between Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Skye Blue, Mercedes Martinez, and Nyla Rose. The Outcasts will be watching.

Tony Schiavone loves jocularity.

Stud of the Show: Wheeler Yuta

Elbows! Furious elbows.

Match of the Night: Texas Tornado

Jungle Boy, Hook, Preston Vance, and Dralistico had a wild time in the name of entertainment.

Grade: B-

This episode of Dynamite was decent on the enjoyment scale inside the ring. The show lacked on the storyline level. Aside from MJF and Adam Cole, there wasn’t much juiciness.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? What were your favorite moments from the show?

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