Amidst incessant trolling of Kusha Kapila, Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia puts out a post defending his ex-wife: See inside | Hindi Movie News

Content creator turned actor Kusha Kapila recently took to her IG handle to announce separation from her husband of six years, Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. While no reason for the separation was given, both Kusha and Zorawar put out the same post on social media, saying they gave it their all, but ‘couldn’t anymore’.

As soon as the post was shared, netizens started looking for reasons for the split and even dug out an old video where Kusha talked about sexual infidelity in an interaction with KaranJohar, where Karan jokingly said that for him, ‘sexual infidelity is not infidelity’ and Kusha agreed with him.

Netizens even went to the extent of accusing Kusha of seeing someone else, while being married to Zorawar, without checking their facts.
Amidst all the negativity, Zorawar took to his IG stories to defend his ex-wife, saying that the vile attacks against her need to stop. Taking to his IG stories he said, “We realise we live public lives, but we still hold certain things sacred. Our marriage and respect for each other being one of them. Divorce much like our marriage was a decision we both made together, after much deliberation and thought. It was a tough and painful decision but one we took collectively, for the sake of both of our well-being. What has transpired over the last 24 hours, with Kusha being subject to vile attacks online makes me sad and disappointed. To attack Kusha’s character and paint her as some villain is shameful. Let’s all please do better.”


Kusha and Zorawar had tied the knot in 2017. Recently, Kusha had shared on Instagram that after spending the major part of her life in Delhi, she has moved to Mumbai for good.

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