Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad killed in police encounter in Jhansi

Asad Ahmed, son of gangster turned politician Atiq Ahmed, has been killed in a police encounter at Jhansi. Asad Ahmed was wanted in the Umesh Pal murder case. Along with Asad, his associate Ghulam Muhammad has also been killed in the encounter with UP Police STF. Ghulam Muhammad, son of Maksudan, was a gunman who fired shots during the Umesh Pal murder.

As per reports, Asad and Ghulam were constantly moving around to avoid capture by police and had reached Jhansi to meet someone, in preparation for leaving the state. UPSTF received information about the same and launched an operation. They had been tracking the two for 3 days before they were encountered today.

When the STF team approached them around noon today, Asad and Ghulam fired at them. The STF returned fire, resulting in the death of both. Both were carrying bounties of ₹5 lakh after their involvement in the Umesh Pal murder came to light.

The UPSTF team was led by Deputy SP Navendu and Deputy SP Vimal. The police had surrounded them and asked them to surrender. But they chose to fight instead. There is no reports of any injuries to the STF members so far.

Both of them were taken to a hospital after the incident, where the doctors announced them brought dead. Foreign-made firearms were recovered on them.

In the CCTV footage of Umesh Pal’s murder, Asad Pal was seen chasing and attacking Pal with a pistol.

When informed about the development, Umesh Pal’s family said that whatever has happened is good. Shanti Devi, the mother of Umesh said that the Yogi government has done justice in the case by killing Asad Ahmed. “I thank CM Yogi ji for serving justice and I appeal to him to give us justice ahead also. We have full faith in CM,” she said in Prayagraj.

Atiq Ahmed and his son Ashraf Ahmed learnt about the encounter when they reached the courts for a hearing. According to reports, they started to cry after hearing the news. Notably, yesterday Atiq Ahmed appealed to the police to spare his family.

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