BTS’s V Recently Went Undercover, But Nobody Knew Until Now 

He’s always among us…


“Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover…” Like BTS‘s “Butter” lyrics profess, is one smooth operator, and he appears when fans least expect it.

ARMYs often joke about BTS’s members are lurking among them, but for good reason. It’s happened more than once.

| BT21/YouTube

For instance, V once joined an ARMY’s late-night KakaoTalk chatroom using his real name, Kim Taehyung, but of course, nobody believed he was the Kim Taehyung. He was scolded for communicating through text in a chat where users were only supposed to use pictures and nearly got himself kicked out.

This isn’t, however, the only time V has unexpectedly entered fans’ spaces. Recently, on Weverse, a fan asked V what he has been up to lately.

| Weverse

taehyung, what have you been doing lately? i hope youve been well and i hope that that youve been enjoying lots of good things.

V told ARMY that he joined “Taehyung Room,” without anybody noticing.

| Weverse

recently, I hung out in taehyung room? i think it’s called? kekekekekekekekekekeke but nobody knew i was there

— V

Though it’s unclear exactly what V meant by “Taehyung Room,” fans believe he was referring to a V-themed KakaoTalk chat room or a game where players can chat online.

Either way, V successfully pulled off his undercover mission. Here’s hoping he goes on another one soon! Until then, read more about V’s latest activities here:

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