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NEW DELHI: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday hit back at Rahul Gandhi after the Congress leader took a dig at PM Narendra Modi at an event in San Francisco.
“There are people in India who think they know more than God and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one such specimen,” Rahul said while addressing the Indian diaspora at an event ‘Mohabbat Ki Dukaan’ in San Francisco.
Responding to Rahul’s remarks, Union minister Anurag Thakur said, “PM Modi met almost 24 PMs and presidents of the world and held over 50 meetings during his recent foreign visit. Australian PM Anthony Albanese called PM Modi the ‘boss’, probably Rahul Gandhi could not digest it”.
The minister of youth affairs and sports also said that during his foreign visits, Rahul Gandhi never fails to insult India.
Rahul Gandhi always insults India and PM Modi in every foreign trip: Anurag Thakur


Rahul Gandhi always insults India and PM Modi in every foreign trip: Anurag Thakur

“Even today while addressing Indians in San Francisco, Rahul not only tried to insult the Prime Minister but also ended up insulting the country. Whenever Rahul Gandhi travels abroad, he ends up questioning our democracy,” Thakur said.
At the San Francisco event organised by the Indian Overseas Congress USA, Rahul took a jibe at PM Modi and said that some groups in India have the ‘disease’ of being under the impression that they know everything. “In India, we grew up with people of different languages, different religions. And that is what is being attacked. The tradition in India, of people like Gandhi ji and Guru Nanak Ji, has been that you should not be under the impression of knowing everything. It is a ‘disease’ that some groups of India think that they know everything,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi takes a jibe at Modi, says 'There is a group of people who know everything... and PM is one such specimen'


Rahul Gandhi takes a jibe at Modi, says ‘There is a group of people who know everything… and PM is one such specimen’

Adding to his remark, the Congress leader said, “And of course, the Prime Minister is one of them. If you make him sit with God, he would start explaining to him (God) how the universe works … “
Parliamentary affairs minister Pralhad Joshi also attacked Rahul over his remarks targeting PM Modi. He claimed that the Congress leader’s knowledge of history did not go beyond his family.
Describing Rahul as a ‘fake Gandhi’, the Union minister said, “It is funny how someone who knows nothing is suddenly an expert on everything. A man whose history knowledge does not go beyond his family is talking about history”.

“No Mr Fake Gandhi! The core of India is its culture. Unlike you, who use foreign soil to tarnish the country, Indians are very proud of their history and can very well defend their geography,” the the senior BKP leader added.
Rahul arrived in the US on Tuesday and interacted with activists, academics and civil society at University of California, Santa Cruz before addressing Indians.
He will also visit New York, where he will meet with thinkers at the Harvard Club of Harvard University. Rahul Gandhi will also participate in a lunch event and meet a set of successful Indian-Americans in the creative industry.
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