Cartoon: 17 August, 2023 – Newspaper

On a tightrope

Updated 16 Aug, 2023

With the legal noose tightening around the ECP’s neck, it must also contend with the complications of the task before it.

Troll armies

16 Aug, 2023

THE country’s political culture has never plumbed the levels of crassness that have been on display since the last…

Power sector debt

16 Aug, 2023

PAKISTAN’S moribund power sector has become the Achilles heel of its faltering economy. The losses suffered by a…

Resurgent terrorism

Updated 15 Aug, 2023

AS the nation enters a period of political transition, there is a critical need to stay focused on counterterrorism…

Out of line

15 Aug, 2023

HAS the state criminalised peaceful demonstrations and protests? Is even supporting and sympathising with the PTI …

Nawaz’s return?

Updated 15 Aug, 2023

It is surprising that someone who has in the past faced political persecution and seen the inside of jail cells is not willing to face reality today.

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