Centre Nod To Discuss Manipur Under “Middle Path” Plan, But

Centre Nod To Discuss Manipur Under 'Middle Path' Plan, But

New Delhi:

The Opposition’s “middle path” solution on Manipur has been accepted by the Centre, sources said, but the logjam in parliament is not likely to end in a hurry. The date suggested by the Centre for the discussion — August 11, the last day of the monsoon session — is not acceptable to the Opposition, sources said.

There was no official word on the Opposition’s big demand — that the Prime Minister address parliament on the violence-hit state. Sources had indicated that he might respond on Manipur during his reply to the no-confidence motion, which is slated for August 10.

So if the Opposition agrees to a debate on August 11, as suggested by the government, then PM Modi would have spoken by then in Lok Sabha.

Given the schedule for next week — Delhi Services bill on Monday and no-confidence motion on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — it leaves little time for the Manipur discussion.

The option before the government is to hold it on August 11 or extend the duration of the monsoon session, which is unlikely.  

The Opposition’s “middle-path” offer was that the discussion take place under Rule 167 — a compromise between the Rule 276 demanded by the Opposition and the Rule 176 offered by the government.

The demand was for a long-time discussion when other business will be suspended. The government was offering a short-duration discussion, which does not hold up other legislative work. Rule 167 involves a discussion, a response from the minister and voting. The time limit is fixed by the Chairman.

Earlier today, the Opposition had offered the “middle path solution” to the government after many felt that the impasse was lending credibility to the government narrative that the Opposition was shying away from a discussion on Manipur.

“INDIA parties have offered a middle path solution to the Leader of the House to break the logjam and get a discussion on Manipur going in an uninterrupted manner in the Rajya Sabha. Hope the Modi government agrees,” Congress leader Jairam Ramesh tweeted this afternoon.

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