Concern grows in Bismarck over Summit Carbon Solution’s CO2 pipeline – KX NEWS

BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The Bismarck City Commission is supporting the decision of moving or delaying the proposed route for the carbon dioxide pipeline, proposed by Summit Carbon Solutions.

The roughly 2,000-mile pipeline would carry carbon dioxide across five states to underground storage in North Dakota.

Residents and Bismarck City leaders have concerns over the proposed location of the Summit Carbon Solutions CO2 Pipeline.

“The nature of this pipeline is different than many others that have been put forward. It is 24 inches wide its over 2,100 pounds of pressure. So, it’s not something landowners or insurance agencies have seen a lot in the past,” said Chad Moldenhauer, the owner of K and L Homes.

Not only is the Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders concerned over the safety of residents, but there is also a growing concern about insurance.

“Insurance companies do not cover liability associated with pollutes. Most insurance companies or many insurance companies treat CO2 as a pollutant,” said Moldenhauer.

With the CO2 pipeline only being four feet underground, what would happen if a city or county worker would accidentally hit the pipeline?

“It does raise that question of whether or not it would be covered under your insurance policy. That’s something as a land owner that has effects far beyond money you may be receiving through that easement,” said Moldenhauer.

And Bismarck-Mandan Home builders association is blaming the lack of these unanswered questions on Summit Carbon Solutions.

“There’s been a lot of conjecture. perhaps misinformation out there that is 100% caused by the fact we don’t have the information of what would happen if there is a strike on the pipeline or if there is a rupture or a leak because Summit has not provided our community with that information,” said Moldenhauer.

The Burleigh County Commission has asked for the pipeline to be pushed 10 miles away from Bismarck. The City of Bismarck Commission has requested it too but pushed back 25 miles away.

The current route for the pipeline will pass through Northern Burleigh County and is less than two miles from Bismarck’s extraterritorial area.

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