Dipika Chikhlia slams Om Raut and Kriti Sanon’s kissing act at Tirupati temple: Such a thing never happened to us | Hindi Movie News

Adipurush director Om Raut and Kriti Sanon’s recent visit to Tirupati Balaji temple has sparked a controversy with a section of people on the Internet. In the viral video, Om can be seen giving a peck on Kriti’s cheek. It garnered negative reactions from netizens along with the head priest of the temple who has termed it as a condemnable act.
Amid the claims of hurting religious sentiments, Dipika Chikhlia, who immortalised the role of Sita in Ramanand Sagar‘s popular television series Ramayan, has shared her reaction on the entire incident.
Speaking to a news portal, Dipika expressed her disapproval of the actions and said that this is a significant problem with actors nowadays as they neither enter the character nor understand its emotions. She added that Ramayan may have been just a film for them but it seems like they have not connected with it on a spiritual level.
Talking about the kissing incident that took place at Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupati, Dipika said that Kriti is an actress of today’s generation and kissing and hugging someone is considered as a sweet gesture.

She further said that Kriti would have never thought of herself as Sita ji, further mentioning that it becomes a matter of emotions. Dipika said that she has lived the character of Sita while today’s actresses just consider it as a role. After the film or project is over, they don’t care anymore.
Dipika then went back in time and compared it with today’s scenario. She revealed that no one dared to take their names on the set and people would come and touch their feet when they were in their characters. “It was a different era. At that time, they didn’t see us as actors; they saw us as gods. We couldn’t even hug anyone, let alone a kiss,” she added.
She concluded saying that Adipurush actors will get busy with their next projects and forget their characters after the release but such a thing never happened to them. They were treated as gods descending from above and living in this world. “That’s why we never did anything that would hurt people’s sentiments,” she said.

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