Donald Trump news today: Trump abruptly cancels press conference on Georgia ‘proof’ as he tries to delay trial by years

Donald Trump indictment – latest news

Donald Trump has abruptly cancelled his proposed press conference at which he claimed he was going to unveil a report that would clear him of any wrongdoing and charges he tried to interfere with the presidential election in Georgia.

The former president also asked a judge to push back his federal trial for allegedly trying to subvert the 2020 presidential election – for three years.

Lawyers for the former president asked Judge Tanya Chutkan for the trial to take place in April 2026, more than two years later than special counsel Jack Smith’s proposed date of January 2024.

Meanwhile, Police in Georgia are investigating online threats to members of a grand jury that voted to indict Mr Trump and 18 of his allies accused of conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state.

Earlier, Mr Trump insisted that people “on both sides” are angered by his indictment in Georgia this week. The former president made the remarks in a pre-recorded interview with former White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Fox Business.

The former president and 18 of his allies were indicted on Monday for running a criminal enterprise to try to thwart the will of the American people and keep Mr Trump in power at all costs.

They have been ordered to surrender for arrest by 25 August where they will be booked into Fulton County Jail for mugshots and fingerprints to be taken – just like any other criminal defendant.


Watch: As indictments stack up, how might the 2024 trial scheduled play out?

In an appearance on CNN This Morning, senior legal analyst Elie Honig explained how Donald Trump’s trial schedule is currently stacking up for 2024 and which legal proceedings might get prioritised ahead of November’s presidential election.

Oliver O’Connell18 August 2023 06:45


New video shows Roger Stone ‘working to overturn 2020 election’

The video aired by MSNBC on Wednesday was obtained by Danish filmmaker Christoffer Guldbrandsen for his 2023 documentary A Storm Foretold.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar reports.

Oliver O’Connell18 August 2023 05:15


Woman arrested and charged with threatening to kill Judge Tanya Chutkan

A Texas woman has been arrested and charged with threatening to kill the judge presiding over Donald Trump’s 6 January indictment.

Abigail Jo Shry, 43, of Alvin, Texas, left a “threatening voicemail message” after calling US district judge Tanya Chutkan’s chambers on 5 August, according to court documents filed with the South District of Texas Court.

Oliver O’Connell18 August 2023 04:30


ICYMI: Special prosecutor will investigate Georgia’s lieutenant governor in Trump indictment

The state’s current Republican Lt Governor Burt Jones, who was a sitting state senator at the time of the alleged crimes, was one of 16 “alternate” electors who falsely swore that Mr Trump won the state in the 2020 presidential election. He also pushed for a special legislative session to overturn Joe Biden’s victory.

But he was not among the 19 defendants in the grand jury case from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who was barred by a judge from indicting him.

Oliver O’Connell18 August 2023 03:45


Trump attacks on judges may be ‘crossing the line,’ but experts say he will avoid punishment

Trump’s attacks on judges may be ‘crossing the line,’ but experts say he will avoid punishment.

Graeme Massie18 August 2023 03:16


After cutting ties with Trump, Jenna Ellis forced to crowdfund Georgia lawyer

Donald Trump’s former lawyer Jenna Ellis has been forced to crowdfund her defence fees after being indicted alongside the former president this week.

Ms Ellis was among the 18 associates of Mr Trump to face charges in Georgia for alleged attempts to alter the state’s 2020 presidential election results.

Graeme Massie reports on how the fundraiser is doing.

Oliver O’Connell18 August 2023 03:00


Trump can’t help himself: Experts warn ex-president is going to Truth Social himself into trouble

Ex-president could violate protective order or trigger a new one, writes John Bowden.

Graeme Massie18 August 2023 02:35


Early March date proposed for start of Trump Georgia trial

A filing in the Superior Court of Fulton County for the state of Georgia shows Ms Willis’s office will have the arraignment for Mr Trump and his 18 co-defendants on 5 September 2023.

Oliver O’Connell18 August 2023 02:15


Trump cancels press conference to refute Georgia claims against him

Former president said he was cancelling the event at the advice of his lawyers.

Graeme Massie18 August 2023 02:01


Georgia police investigating online threats to jurors after pro-Trump doxxing campaign

A harassment campaign followed right-wing outrage over the former president’s latest criminal charges.

Graeme Massie18 August 2023 01:47

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