In veiled attack on PM Modi, Manish Sisodia pens poem on shaking foundations of a ‘4th pass king’s rajmahal’

Manish Sisodia said that quality education for poor children would ensure that no one fell into the trap of a ‘WhatsApp University’ and that society would not get embroiled in the ‘web of communal hatred’.

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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi renewed its attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s academic qualifications through a letter purportedly written by former Delhi education minister Manish Sisodia from behind bars referring to the “shaking foundations” of a “4th pass king’s rajmahal (palace)”.

Shared by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter, the open letter consisted of a poem penned by Sisodia seeking to underline the importance of educating the children of the poor and questioning politics based on a “web of communal hatred”.

“If every poor person gets a book, who will trigger a storm of hatred? If everyone gets work, then who will brandish swords in the streets? If the child of every poor family gets education, the foundations of the 4th class King’s palace will shake,” Sisodia wrote.

Sisodia further went on to say that quality education for children from every poor family would ensure that no one fell into the trap of a “WhatsApp University” and that society did not get embroiled in the “web of communal hatred”.

If every child in society was educated, they would question the “cunningness” and “bad policies” of their government and pick up a pen to articulate their own “Mann ki Baat”, Sisodia also wrote.

The education revolution, he added, which had begun in Delhi and Punjab government schools, would soon spread across the country, he stated, adding, “Throw us in jail or hang us, this caravan will not stop.”

First published on: 19-05-2023 at 11:38 IST

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