Japan climate group urges more renewable energy, effective carbon pricing – CNA

TOKYO: Japanese companies and climate groups called on the nation’s government on Wednesday (Apr 12) to step up the introduction of renewable energy and quickly adopt carbon pricing to tackle global warming.

The Japan Climate Initiative (JCI), an alliance of companies, local governments and NGOs, issued the message ahead of the meeting of climate ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) countries on Apr 15 to Apr 16 in Sapporo where Japan will chair the event to discuss efforts to address climate change.

“We urged the Japanese government to overcome climate crisis and energy crisis by accelerating the introduction of renewable energy and early adoption of highly effective carbon pricing,” the JCI said in a statement which was endorsed by 303 organisations.

To achieve a goal which was agreed by G7 last year to decarbonise all or most of the power sector by 2035, Japan should take appropriate measures and implement regulatory reforms to boost renewable energy, it said, urging support for the faster development of offshore wind power and mandatory installation of solar power generation in new buildings.

A transition to clean energy is especially important to the Asian nation, as it is critically dependent on imports for a majority of its energy needs, including for oil to LNG.

Japan aims to cut emissions by 46 per cent versus 2013 levels by boosting renewable energy in its electricity mix to 36 per cent-38 per cent, double of 2019’s levels.

But its G7 allies such as Canada, Germany, UK and Italy have already reached Japan’s 2030 targets, the JCI said.

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