June 2023 full moon in Sagittarius will affect all zodiac signs


Arrows to the sky, caution to the wind and truth to the front of the line, a full Strawberry moon in the sign of Sagittarius is upon us, reaching its peak on June 3 at 11:42 pm EST.

The full moon occurs when the moon is directly opposite the sun in its orbit around Earth, this go round we have the sun in ‘chaos and communion’ Gemini opposing the moon in raise the sails Sagittarius.

The sun is representative of the ego and the moon is emo instinct. The disparate energies of these zodiac polarities have much to teach us about integration and approach.

Meaning of a full moon in Sagittarius

Sag lives to seek the truth and Gemini loves to spill the tea so be prepared for bold revelations and the unceremonious delivery of information.

These themes are amplified as Mercury, planet of communication, will be conjunct Uranus, planet of radical change. When the mind (Mercury) and the manic muse/agent of chaos (Uranus) are in cahoots we are primed to receive lightning bolt inspiration and/or startling/upending news.

We may even be tasked with delivering these tough tidings (ugh) but under these skies the truth begs to be shouted and secrets seek to be seen.

What is spilled will, like blood and ashes to soil, aid our personal growth and the transformational cycle of others. Enhancing this energy is death daddy Pluto in near opposition to Venus, planet of attachment and assets.

Pluto is no picnic but the energy here is loss for the goal of greater growth, he taketh away so he can giveth back anew and any relationships that are undone during this lunation were ultimately binding us to a past we have outgrown and a love we have outrun.

Planets at play

Bridging the seasonal gap between fall and winter, Sagittarius is a mutable sign, one that not only heralds change but actively craves it.

Jupiter, the coin dripping drunk uncle of the zodiac and ruler of Sagittarius, is currently in the slow and steady, get paid and laid sign of Taurus.

During the full moon, Jupiter will be conjunct to the North Node of destiny. This influence urges us to enjoy what it means to be alive while laying the foundation for, and believing we deserve, the life we want.

Here to cut the music and close the open bar is Saturn in Pisces, forming a square with the moon in Sagittarius. Saturn is about karmic debts, responsibility and other sobering subjects.

The theme here is revelry with restraint, recognizing the arrows edge between letting the good times roll and getting bowled over by excess.

The moment between embodied revelry and throwing up in a gas station bathroom with a stranger holding your hair back. Do what you must and say what needs saying but stop short of overkill.

Give desire words and wings

Statue of the famous poet, Federico García Lorca with a pigeon on Saint Anne Square (Plaza de Santa Ana) in Madrid, Spain

Sag lives to seek the truth and Gemini loves to spill the tea so be prepared for bold revelations and the unceremonious delivery of information.

The energetic polarity of Gemini and Sagittarius is made manifest in Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca, himself a Gemini sun with a Sagittarius moon.

Lorca questioned convention, traveled far and lived true, refusing to hide his sexuality or political views despite real and pressing threats to his life.

In accordance with his stars, Lorca wrote, “To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.” Now is not the hour for silence, stifled desire or limiting your selfhood. Shoot your shot but make sure your aim is true.

Strawberry Moon meaning

June’s full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

In many places and many tongues, this moon is a symbol of fruition and vitality.

As per the Farmer’s Almanac, June’s full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon, as the first flush of summer signifies a time when the wild, and widespread fruit reaches ripeness and is ready for picking. The name was used by Native tribes including the Algonquin, Ojibwe, Dakota, Lakota, Chippewa, Oneida, and Sioux.

Apropos of Gemini and Sagittarius being mutable, threshold signs (and the zodiac’s most shameless flirts) the Arapaho of the Great Plains call this moon the ‘Moon When the Buffalo Bellows’ a reference to the mating calls of those mythic creatures. 

Similarly, the Inupiat and Tlingit peoples of Alaska call June’s moon the Moon of Birthing as many mammals bear their offspring right about now to give them maximum chance to flourish before the onset of winter. Neo-pagan religions called June’s full moon the Planting Moon and in Europe its known as the Rose Moon as its the time of year the fibonacci flowers bloom.

In many places and many tongues, this moon is a symbol of fruition and vitality. Get to blooming, birthing, bellowing and being. Since this full moon is taking place in a mutable sign, the mutable masses will feel its effects more acutely.

To unpack this moon and more please read your June horoscopes here.

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