Lucky Ali apologises to ‘Hindu brothers’ for ‘Brahman’ derives from Abraham post | Bollywood

Singer, actor Lucky Ali took to his Facebook page and apologised for his now-deleted post. Recently, he had posted that the name “Brahman” ultimately derives from the name “Abram.” After many disagreed with the post, the O Sanam singer clarified that he only intended to bring people from different sections closer to each other. Also read: ‘Idhar badtameezi bahut hai’: When Lucky Ali decided to quit fledgling Bollywood career

Singer Lucky Ali apologised after hurting sentiments of ‘Hindu brothers.’

Lucky Ali wrote in a new post, “Dear Everyone, I realise the controversy of my last post. My intentions were not to cause distress or anger amongst anyone and I deeply regret that. My intentions, instead, were to bring us all closer together… but I realise how it didn’t come out in the way that I meant it. I will be more aware of what I am posting and of my phrasing as I see now that it has upset many of my Hindu brothers and sisters. For that I am deeply sorry. I Love you all.”

Lucky Ali issued apology on Facebook.

On Sunday, Ali’s post mentioned that the term “Brahman” comes from from the name “Abram”. Abram aka Abraham aka Ibrahim is considered the father of all nations as per religious texts. His post also implied that Brahmins might be descendants of Ibrahim.

He wrote, “The name ‘Brahman’ comes from ‘Brahma’ which comes from ‘Abram’ .. which comes from Abraham or Ibrahim.. The Brahmans are a lineage of Ibrahim. Alaihisalam… The Father of all Nations … so whys everyone just arguing and fighting without reasoning amongst themselves?”

Lucky Ali is the son of the late Bollywood actor Mehmood. He made his debut in the music scene with his hit album Sunoh in 1996 and went on to win numerous awards. Before the success of his music career, Lucky Ali had made his acting debut as a child artiste. His first film was Chote Nawad, directed by his father in 1962. Later in the 70s and 80s, he starred in films like Yehi Hai Zindagi, Hamare Tumhare, Trikaal, Sur, Kaante and Kasak.

While he has not appeared in a full length film for quite a long time, he continues to perform gigs across India and abroad. He has immense popularity among music lovers.

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