‘Maharshi’ And ‘Srimantudu’ Born From My Story

'Maharshi' And 'Srimantudu' Born From My Story

Director Srivas spoke to Great Andhra and said, “I wrote a wonderful story that I always dreamed of. However, while I was in the midst of it, the movie ‘Srimanthudu’ blew a layer of my story away. Later, ‘Shatamanam Bhavati’ did the same. And then, ‘Maharshi’ arrived, which happened to be the third layer of my story.”

Srivas shared his experience and expressed that the core point of his story is still untouched. He mentioned that he wrote the story in association with BVS Ravi.

Considering the amount of similarity between the layers of his story and the aforementioned films, Srivas contemplated filing a complaint in the Writers’ Association but ultimately decided against it for professional reasons.

It is known that Srivas is coming up with ‘Ramabanam’ shortly with Gopichand.

Addressing rumors about a conflict with hero Gopichand, Srivas explained that disagreements between the director and hero are not uncommon. He said that there were some arguments between him and Gopichand only because of their closeness and nothing serious.

When asked about the film’s budget of fifty crores for ‘Ramabanam’, Srivas hesitated to confirm the amount but cited various factors for the increased cost, including the casting.

Coming to the topic of his film ‘Dictator’, he said that he didn’t try to portray Balayya as larger than life to avoid trolls.

Srivas cited his film ‘Sakshyam’ as his career-best but speculated that if it were released now, it would have been a big hit.

When asked if ‘Ramabanam’ is a typical commercial story, Srivas emphasized that the story’s quality is more important than its routine nature. He stated that the film is a blend of entertainment and action that highlights the bond between siblings. This is the film coming up in the combination of Gopichand and Srivas after ‘Lakshyam’ and ‘Laukyam’.

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