MPs declare they are ‘hostile’ towards Manchester United

The shocking Mason Greenwood saga currently engulfing Manchester United has spilled over into the world of politics, after three Labour MPs publicly slammed the football club for standing by an alleged domestic abuser.

MPs speak out over Mason Greenwood farce

In 2022, a disturbing set of audio clips and photos were shared on social media by Greenwood’s partner. She claimed that he had bloodied her nose, physically attacked her, and even threatened to rape her. The victim provided evidence for these allegations.

However, as a result of key witnesses pulling out of proceedings, the trial to convict the Premier League striker fell apart. Mason Greenwood walked free, but both the visual and audio content surrounding the event have left an impression on the general public.

Manchester United’s attempts to reintegrate alleged abuser cause outcry

It was revealed this week that Manchester United plan to bring Greenwood back into the team. However, the leaked plans have caused uproar, with high-profile fans like Rachel Riley threatening to withdraw their support for the club.

As per one story in The Athletic, it was alleged that officials at Old Trafford had drawn-up a list of ‘hostile’ actors who would likely criticise any attempt to reintegrate Greenwood into the team – with domestic abuse charities named as an obstacle.

Mason Greenwood savaged by ‘hostile’ MPs

That has sparked an outpouring of anger from MPs, with a group representing Labour giving the footballing institution both barrels. Andrew Western, who is an MP in Manchester, expressed his strong disappointment in a club that is ‘more focused on PR’ than anything else.

“Really disappointed at how United have handled this. They should be focused on making the correct decision, speaking up in support of victims of domestic abuse, and acting with integrity. This isn’t a PR crisis, it’s about doing what’s right.” | Andrew Western

Just down the road, Kim Johnson – an MP based in Liverpool – openly declared her ‘hostility’ towards Manchester United, and gave her backing to the victims of domestic abuse in the process:

“Manchester United should not even be considering this. I’m definitely ‘hostile’ to Greenwood’s return: I stand with those who have experienced and survived domestic abuse.” | Kim Johnson

Similar sentiments have been echoed by Zarah Sultana. The Coventry South MP has branded the club ‘disgusting’, and much like Johnson, has also asked to be considered hostile by the club:

“This is disgusting from Manchester United. I will always stand in solidarity with the survivors of domestic abuse, so yes, you can also consider me ‘hostile’ as well.” | Zarah Sultana

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