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Apple’s Mac computers are often seen as the ultimate choice among creative professionals. From editing photos to creating the next big film, there’s a Mac out there that can handle it all. You can pick a laptop for quick photo or video editing on the go or a high-end iMac that can handle more intensive tasks on your desk. We’ve listed out the various MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac models you can buy in India right now. We’ve also explained how you can buy your favourite Mac, without breaking your budget.

MacBook Air

You should not mistake the MacBook Air M1 as just an entry-level laptop. After the advent of the M1 chip, this small and lightweight 13 -inch laptop can be seriously considered for any heavy-duty tasks. Be it 3D rendering or editing a video on Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro, the time taken will be half that of other high-end laptops while exporting a video. You can also run many iOS and iPadOS apps on your M1 MacBook Air, as the M1 is similar to SoCs in your iPhones and iPads. The MacBook Air has an excellent battery life and will perform flawlessly even on a low battery. You can choose to buy any of the two options below:

Model NameDisplayRAMStorageSoCGPUPrice
MacBook Air13-inch8GB256GBM1 chip7‑Core₹92,900
MacBook Air13-inch8GB512GBM1 chip8-Core₹1,17,900

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro comes with Apple’s M1 Pro SoC, which will certainly impress you in everyday usage. The laptop also features a crisp 120Hz display that will improve your viewing experience. The Pro model handles multitasking very effectively. So, you can run plenty of programs at a given point in time, and still, the laptop will be extremely snappy. It is powered for anyone who wants to use it for entertainment and media consumption, as it is for creative professionals looking for a top-notch performance due to extreme workflow.

MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip and above packs in very more powerful integrated graphics capabilities than the M1, which will help you with a heavy video project easily. If you are thinking that the powerful processing will drain the battery fast, then be rest assured that the new MacBook Pro will be able to get through a full workday and still be left with some juice.

Model NameDisplayRAMStorageSoCGPUPrice
MacBook Pro13-inch8GB256GBM1 chip8-Core₹1,22,900
MacBook Pro13-inch8GB512GBM1 chip8-Core₹1,42,900
MacBook Pro14-inch16GB512GBM1 Pro14-Core₹1,94,900
MacBook Pro14-inch16GB1TBM1 Pro16-Core₹2,39,900
MacBook Pro16-inch16GB512GBM1 Pro14-Core₹2,39,900
MacBook Pro16-inch16GB1TBM1 Pro16-Core₹2,59,900
MacBook Pro16-inch32GB1TBM1 Max32-Core₹3,29,900


The clutter-free design of the iMac is way better than any other PC in the market, and you will fall in love with it. Not just does it have great looks but will also work extremely responsive for heavy-duty tasks coming your way every day. The display is excellent, the speakers are good, and the macOS’s performance is seamless and cool and won’t make you wait when you try opening an application or try editing a heavy video file. The machine has a cooling fan, but you won’t hear it working as it runs virtually silent. Check this list to choose from several options by Apple:

Model NameDisplayRAMStorageSoCGPUPrice
iMac24-inch8GB256GBM1 chip7-Core₹1,19,900
iMac24-inch8GB256GBM1 chip8-Core₹1,39,900
iMac24-inch8GB512GBM1 chip8-Core₹1,59,900
iMac27-inch8GB256GBIntel Core i5Radeon Pro 5300₹1,69,900
iMac27-inch8GB512GBIntel Core i5Radeon Pro 5300₹1,89,900
iMac27-inch8GB512GBIntel Core i7Radeon Pro 5500 XT₹2,19,900

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