Nawazuddin Siddiqui says big budget films are ruining reputation of the industry | Bollywood

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui turns into jugaadu Jogi who has the solution to every problem in his upcoming film Jogira Sara Ra Ra. He is paired opposite actor Neha Sharma for the first time. Talking about his co-star, the actor recently opened up about the film during a conversation with Hindustan Times. (Also read | Jogira Sara Ra Ra trailer: Nawazuddin Siddiqui has to ‘break’ an arranged marriage in this zany comedy)

Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Neha Sharma’s Jogi Sara Ra Ra is releasing on May 12.

The actor recalls using ‘jugaad’ (creative problem solving) for a lot of things in life, before foraying into films. “I have done it, like everyone else for a few things,” he says.

In the film, Nawazuddin is a matchmaker-cum-wedding planner who can find the right match for everyone, but Dimple. Neha Sharma appears as Dimple who doesn’t want anything to do with the matchmaking. While they both clash in the film, Nawazuddin reveals how was his work experience with Neha on the sets. He recalls, “Neha Sharma is easygoing.”

“She has a very strong grip on her language, you will connect to her performance. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t expecting this much from her. But when I saw her performing, I really like it,” he heaps praises.

Neha Sharma who had a successful debut with Crook, starred in several films, but not all of them were hits. While many refer to Neha Sharma as a ‘pretty face’, some also feel she isn’t great when it comes to her film choices. Ask Nawazuddin about claims on Neha’s film choices, he tells us, “Great films kaunsi hoti hai Hindustan me (Which films are great in our country) ?”

“These people might be referring to big films from earlier, and say her (film) choice is not great. Lekin badi filmein kaha chal rahi hai? Sabse zayda naam industry ka toh inhone hi kharab kar rakha hai. Kahi industry bandh ho jaye aisa dar lagta hai kabhi kabhi (But, big budget films are not working. They are the ones who is ruining the name of the industry. I sometimes fear about industry getting shut due to this). These films with big stars are getting flopped.

“A film can be big or small but should be meaningful. Ye nahi ki bara budget ka cinema hai toh kar lo. Are kuch toh ho usme (film should be done just because of money. It has to have some value). For example, Bajrangi Bhaijaan was a big film, kuch baat bhi thi )it was something). The film was correct,” he added.

Does the fear of industry getting shut keeps pushing Nawazuddin towards a different direction? The actor recently talked about becoming a monk. He reveals, “I had a plan before graduation. Sometimes I feel like let’s just leave everything behind.” He further clarifies that his feelings are not due to any assumed pressure of stardom.

“The industry has no such pressure. It’s just the kind of pressure that you put on yourself. You are answerable to yourself, and it’s more important than anyone else in the industry. Emotions are fine but I try to be a neutral person. You can think right only when neutral. Decisions tend to be wrong when you are happy or sad. This is a fact,” the Jogi Sara Ra Ra actor wrapped up.

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