NCC Cadets Forced To Face Down In Mud Puddle, Trashed By Senior

A video of National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadets being forced to put their heads down in mud puddle amid rain and being trashed by a senior cadet, has gone viral.

The video of the incident is from the NCC training in Bandodkar College in Thane. The man in the video was hitting them ruthlessly on their backs for not being able to carry out his chllenging drill.

Around eight NCC cadets were seen in the video and some of them were seen crying due to the heavy beating.

The college princiapl Suchitra Naik said she has taken the matter seriously and said the ation will be taken against the senior student. ‘We will not tolerate such behavior’, she said.

Also adding to her statement, ‘Action will be taken. But I would also like to tell that a lot of good work has been done here by the NCC. NCC training has been taking place here for almost 40 years. This incident happened in the absence of the teacher. It is evident from the act that what the student did, only mentally ill people can do’.

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