Netflix Also Suspending Overall & First-Look Deals – Deadline

Netflix has joined the rest of the major studios and streamers in putting its term deals — overall and first-look — on hold amid the writers strike.

The streaming giant was noticeably missing in the first wave of letters sent to showrunners at the end of last week, days into the strike. I hear Netflix today contacted reps for writers-producers on their roster to tell them that overall deals are being suspended for those who are not in production, with formal notices to follow.

Netflix will cover pay for assistants working under those deals for 30 days; salaries for development executives are not being covered, I hear. Office space will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

As production ends on the remaining series that are filming, the same suspension procedure will apply to those involved.

As Deadline reported Sunday, suspending deals is standard practice during a WGA strike. Some of the pacts are expected to resume after the work stoppage, with the time of suspension added on the back end. Judging by the 2007-08 strike, a number of the pacts will likely get terminated using the force majeure provision in writer-producers’ contracts.

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