Noting to do with scurrilous report by fake e-paper

A scandalous report titled “TDP lo Vyabhicharala Lankalu” appeared in the form of a fake e-paper attributing it Greatandhra with Vijayawada dateline on Wednesday triggering strong protests from the party.

The report, naming a few women TDP leaders and activists, made scurrilous comments against them, accusing them of indulging in illegal activities at the behest of TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu and general secretary Nara Lokesh. wants to clarify that it has nothing do with neither the report nor the so-called one-page e-paper.

The fake e-paper used the logo of Greatandhra with Vijayawada dateline only to mislead the readers on social media, taking advantage of its popularity.

We wish to state that Greatandhra weekly, despite having its own political stand, doesn’t carry any such scandalous reports, more so targeting women for whom we have all the respects. 

Those who regularly read our weekly magazine can vouch for the fact that we never publish any such reports resorting to character assassination and making  vulgar comments against women.

A close look at the scandalous report that appeared in the so-called one-page e-paper reveals that the logo of Greatandhra was deliberately used, as we never carry any such logos in our reports.

It clearly shows that it was the handiwork of some unscrupulous elements to malign the image of our publication.

We are going to initiate legal action against the publisher of the e-paper that carried the scandalous report against the women TDP leaders and others mentioned in it.

We regret any inconvenience caused to the persons mentioned in the report, though we have nothing to do with the same.

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