Nusrat Jahan Denies Fraud Allegations By BJP: “Before Putting Out Stories…”: Actor Refutes Fraud Allegations

'Before Putting Out Stories...': Actor Nusrat Jahan Refutes Fraud Allegations

Nusrat Jahan denied the allegations made by BJP’s Shankudeb Panda.


Nusrat Jahan, actor and Trinamool Congress MP, refuted the allegations of fraud made against her by a BJP leader. BJP’s Shankudeb Panda filed a complaint with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) alleging that a company linked to Ms Jahan duped over 400 people of Rs 5.5 lakh each on the false promise of selling them apartments.  

Denying the allegation, Nusrat Jahan said that she had given up her director post in the company, Seven Sense International, in 2017 and hasn’t been associated with them since then.

The Bengali star also said that she had taken a loan from the infrastructure company, but that too has been repaid.

“I had taken a loan from this company. The loan amount was Rs 1,16,30,285 and on May 6, 2017, with I repaid the loan with interest –  an amount of Rs 1,40,71,995. I have all the bank details for this. I have bank statements. Everything is there with me,” the actor told reporters at a press conference at the Kolkata Press Club on Wednesday.

“The allegation is that I have bought an apartment with this money. I am here in front of you because there is this misconception. The company gave me a loan and I returned the loan to the company with interest. That is clear in my verified bank statement which is there in the court,” added Nusrat Jahan.

She also asked people not to politicise the issue and said that she has presented all the necessary documents to the court.

“It’s not the work of any civilised resident to interfere with the proceedings of the court. Let’s not do that,” Ms Jahan said.

“Before putting out stories you should hear the other side of the story. Please do not make this matter political because it is not,” the Trinamool MP added.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also backed her MP and warned against a media trial.

“Anyone can go and complain against anyone but why are you doing a media trial? At least verify if the complaint is true or not,” she said.

“In Nusrat’s case, she will speak on it and fight it. The lawyer can speak. Let the law prevail,” Mamata Banerjee added.

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