Old Flames Akshay Kumar And Raveena Tandon Greet, Share A Hug On Stage. The Internet Is Thrilled

Old Flames Akshay Kumar And Raveena Tandon Greet, Share A Hug On Stage. The Internet Is Thrilled

Image was shared on Twitter. (courtesy: BiharAkkians1)

Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon have been fan favourites for decades thanks to their on-screen chemistry. The two actors also dated each other nearly 25 years ago and were also briefly engaged in the mid-nineties. Now, decades later, the two stars appeared together on stage for an awards show and needless to say fans cannot keep calm. For context, on Sunday, Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar were both guests at the HT India’s Most Stylish 2023. During the course of the show, Raveena even presented an award to Akshay Kumar. Glimpses of the two stars chatting on stage and afterwards in the audience have gone viral. Akshay Kumar is seen walking on stage and exchanging a hug with Raveena, before accepting the award.

While on stage, the two actors were also asked a bunch of questions about their contemporaries. During a rapid fire round of sorts, Akshay Kumar was asked who was the Malaika Arora of the 90s, to which he replied Mamta Kulkarni. Raveena Tandon, who was standing next to him on stage remained mum to which Akshay teasingly asked her if she had any other name in mind. Raveena then praised Malaika’s “amazing style.” To this, Akshay said: “This is not politics, give a straight answer!” Raveena quickly added “It could be Shilpa! She has always had a really classy style,” with Akshay nodding in agreement. Interestingly, Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty have also dated in the past. The two also agreed that Govinda was the Ranveer Singh of the 90s.

Meanwhile, a few months ago, Raveena Tandon spoke about the fact their breakup and relationship is still discussed. In an interview with ANI, she said: “It comes up, and it comes up like there’s a war between everyone whom he’s involved with. Hello, once I had moved out of his life, I was already dating someone else, and he was already dating someone else, so kahan se jealousy ayegi (why would anyone be jealous)?”  When asked about which year the two were engaged, she replied, “Forgotten about it.”

Raveena further added, “We were a hit pair during Mohra, and even now, when we bump into each other socially, we all meet, we all chat. Everyone moves on. Girls have been changing their boyfriends every week in college, but one engagement that has broken is still stuck to my head, I don’t know why. Everyone moves on, people have divorces, they move on, what’s the big deal.”

Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar have worked together in films such as Mohra, Police Force: An Inside Story, Daava, Keemat and Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi.

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