‘Shame on him’: Smriti Irani on Rahul Gandhi’s flying kiss controversy

New Delhi,UPDATED: Aug 19, 2023 20:47 IST

In her first reaction to Rahul Gandhi’s alleged “flying kiss” during the Monsoon Session of Parliament, Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani said it was “despicable behaviour”.

“A man who did not have the decency to conduct himself in Parliament,” Irani said in a veiled attack on the Congress scion.

Smriti Irani said the incident was shame on him (Rahul Gandhi) and not on her or any other women Parliamentarians.

“A person from the Gandhi dynasty may not have an interest in Parliament, but can you imagine that a female Cabinet minister who happens to be there now has to gleefully talk about why did the man do what he did? Why should I? It was shame on him…not me, or any other woman who was there that day severing our country in Parliament,” Smriti Irani said while speaking at the Aaj Tak G20 Summit.

“Where it happened is the most dignified place of the Constitution. It is the house of the people. Laws are formulated there for women’s respect,” the minister said.

Smriti Irani also spoke on the political rivalry between her and Rahul Gandhi.

“Rivalry is between equals. He is the owner of his party. I am a worker of my party (BJP),” she said.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who delivered his first speech in Parliament after being reinstated as an MP on August 9, allegedly blew a kiss to BJP MPs.

As Rahul Gandhi was leaving the Lok Sabha premises after his no-confidence motion speech, he dropped a few files and as he bent over to pick them up, a few BJP MPs started laughing at him, according to people who witnessed the moment.

Later, Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Shobha Karandlaje and other party women members filed a complaint with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla against Rahul Gandhi over the incident.

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Aug 19, 2023

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