Sunak: Court is wrong to stop Rwanda plan, and we will appeal

Over on BBC Radio 5 Live, Nicky Campbell has been getting some mixed reaction to the government’s Court of Appeal defeat.

Charlie, in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, is in favour of the court ruling – describing the Rwanda plan as a “vile, nasty, racist policy”.

should be welcoming migrants to the UK with open arms and open borders, it’s as
simple as that,” he says.

However, Rob, in Cheddar, Somerset, disagrees with the ruling and believes the UK should be sending migrants who come across the Channel “straight back to France”.

“What I’m hearing is basically a lot of faff,” he tells Nicky. “While we were part of the EU,
we were part of the immigration problem.

“Ever since Brexit, we are suffering
because the EU is failing to police its own borders.”

But, immigration lawyer Jacqueline
points out France takes three times as many asylum seekers as the UK.

“We’re the fifth largest economy in the world,” she says. “There are over 100 million
displaced people around the world.”

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