‘The CBFC has deprived us of our benefits,’ says 72 Hoorain producer Gulab Singh Tanwar | Hindi Movie News

The trailer of 72 Hoorain is making headlines for being denied a certificate by the CBFCthat took objection to certain scenes and dialogues. The makers of the film are highly disappointed with the decision as they believe if there’s a scene or shot in the trailer which is not there in the film then that could be a subject of research, but they claim to have cut the trailer from whatever is there in the film.”We applied for certification of the trailer 10 days ago. But a day prior to the trailer release, we were told to cut a Quran reference and a shot of a human foot,” says producerGulab Singh Tanwar.
“See, terrorists don’t plant trees and create a garden. They fire bullets and kill people. They break societies. So, a film that talks about terrorism will obviously show destruction, bomb blasts, and human killings. Otherwise, how will we tell these stories? We totally respect Quran and Islam and for that matter all religions. We have targeted terrorism, not a particular community or religion. And why abstain from saying that in certain Islamic countries like Pakistan and Turkey, terrorism is nurtured and spread?” he adds.
Speaking about being accused of driving a propaganda with their film, he added, “The terrorists in the film are from Pakistan who are Muslims and want to spread terrorism in India. And things like these have happened a lot of times. Wasn’t the Parliament of India attacked? Wasn’t the Taj Hotel attacked? A few people come and hold the entire city of Mumbai as ransom – isn’t this questionable? And if we are talking about it then we’re called as someone who’s breaking the society.”
Tanwar believes the CBFC has deprived them of their benefits. “We could have released the trailer today in a theatre and also attached it to the films running in theatres currently so that the audience would have got notified about the film. We would have got more number audience. But the CBFC has snatched our rights. We will talk to the officials at CBFC as well as take the matter to the I&B Ministry,” he concluded.

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