Two TDP MPs Maintain Distance From Lokesh!

Two TDP MPs Maintain Distance From Lokesh!

The ongoing Nara Lokesh Padayatra is advancing through areas where the TDP has a strong presence, particularly in the Krishna district and its surroundings.

According to reports from the pro-TDP media outlets, a significant number of people are gathering to witness Lokesh’s Padayatra, with some waiting by the roadsides until midnight to catch a glimpse.

However, the notable absence of two senior TDP leaders has sparked discussions within both the TDP and political circles.

The non-participation of Guntur and Vijayawada MPs, Galla Jayadev and Kesineni Nani, in Lokesh’s Padayatra has left the TDP leadership surprised.

Out of the total three TDP MPs Galla Jayadev and Kesineni Nani are two, who belong to Chandrababu’s social class.

Surprisingly, two out of the three MPs are now distancing themselves from Lokesh, and Galla Jayadev and Kesineni Nani are publicly expressing their displeasure with the TDP leadership.

In recent times, Kesineni Nani has openly voiced his frustration with his own party, alleging that the TDP leadership is promoting ineffective leaders.

Reports suggest that Nani criticized leaders like Buddha Venkanna, Bonda Uma, and Devineni Umamaheswara Rao, insinuating that they receive undeserved attention within the party.

Nani is also discontented with the TDP’s support for his brother, Kesineni Chinna, in Vijayawada, which he finds difficult to accept.

Nani’s argument is that Kesineni Chinni is primarily influencing the Vijayawada constituency with Lokesh’s support, which reportedly explains why Nani has confided in close friends about his decision not to participate in Lokesh’s Padayatra.

The absence of these two MPs in the prestigious Lokesh Padayatra, undertaken by the TDP, is undoubtedly an embarrassing situation for the party and has fueled speculations about internal conflicts within the TDP.

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