UDA MP rejects Finance Bill, calls out Ruto allies for sycophancy

Githunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba has announced her stand on the housing levy proposal.

The MP was reacting to a statement on Monday by lawyer Miguna Miguna, who had called upon President William Ruto to withdraw the Finance Bill 2023 and by extension suspend the three percent housing levy.

Wamuchomba said the Finance Bill has been rejected by the people and called out a section of leaders for endorsing it blindly.

“Dr Miguna you are percent absolutely right. A true mirror of the actual. Ground imechemka! Please tag Honourable sycophants whose brains seem to have migrated to the house on the hill,” she said.

Miguna in an unsolicited advice to President Ruto asked the Head of State to listen to Kenyans who have fiercely opposed the proposal.

“Pull back. Listen to Kenyans. Withdraw the Finance Bill 2023. Postpone the implementation of the Housing Levy. Return to the Drawing Board,” Miguna said.

He further told Ruto to initiate a complete overhaul of his team of advisors and get people who will be honest with him.

“Hire new, independent and truthful advisors. Don’t rely on yes men and yes women,” he added.

Wamuchomba’s remarks come after her constituents urged her to oppose the bill.

In a public baraza in her constituency, Wamuchomba sought the opinion of her electorates on whether she should back the Bill or not.

“I want to hear your opinion. Don’t say it to make me happy because it is you who will feel the pinch. Are we headed in the right way?” she asked them on Wednesday, May 24, during which they answered “no”

“You are angry because of tax and unga. Now, because you voted for me, and I am part of Ruto’s government, should I vote yes or no?”  She again asked and they responded with another “no”.

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