Unacademy Teacher Karan Sangwan Fired After He Urged Students to Vote for ‘Educated Leaders’

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena’s Priyanka Chaturvedi also reacted to his termination stating, “Shame if merely expressing this view gets you to take someone’s job, Unacademy.”

In this video posted by Sangwan five days ago, while discussing the new Indian Evidence Act stated repeatedly that the new Bharatiya Sakshya Bill is more or less the same as the old British-era Indian Evidence Act as they have only reshuffled the sections and added some provisions.

In this video, he also referred to Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech in the Parliament wherein he stated that these laws will have the “Indian spirit and ethos” and will bring a “change in the criminal justice system.”

 Analysing the new Bill, Sangwan said, “Where is the Indian spirit? This is what we have already studied before.”

He added, “They haven’t even repealed the old laws, they have used the same provisions that were a part of the old Evidence Act. At least, you could have repealed that. They should have made their own Doctrine of Res Gestae which reflects the Indian spirit. This is universal law. This is part of criminal jurisprudence that you cannot change.”

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