Video that Sahil, who stabbed Sakshi till her intestines lay exposed, uploaded on Instagram

Monday (May 29), the country woke up to the shocking news of the brutal murder of minor girl identified as Sakshi by her ‘friend’ Sahil in the Shahbad dairy area of Delhi. In the murder, which has been caught on CCTV camera, Sakshi was stabbed over 20 times and then her head was crushed using a boulder by Sahil. Her parents had said that Sakshi was stabbed so many times by Sahil that her intestines were bulging out of her body.

Delhi police have arrested the accused, Sahil in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district.

In the media, a picture of Sahil has been used repeatedly, of him wearing a purple shirt.

Image of Sahil being used by the media

OpIndia started searching several profiles on Instagram by the name of Sahil Khan, Sahil Sarfaraz and Sahil Sakshi. We finally found one profile where this image was uploaded and several other images of Sahil were uploaded, confirming that it was his handle.

Instagram handle of Sahil

When we started going through his ‘highlights’, we found an interesting story that was posted by Sahil.

In one of the stories that he chose to add to his “Instagram Highlights”, it was a video (reel) of a man walking with a gun. The video was posted by one ‘Sameer6000’, which was in turn added to his stories by Sahil Khan (Sarfaraz). This story was posted as recently as 16th February by Sahil.

The link of this story posted by Sahil can be accessed here.

Story uploaded by Sahil

In the video that was posted by Sahil, a man can be seen walking with a large gun. The background voice in the video says, “Aur hum, Allah ke siva kisika darr Shirk samajhte hai” (we consider fearing anyone other than Allah a shirk).

Shirk, as a concept in Islam means the sin of idolatry or polytheism (i.e., the deification or worship of anyone or anything besides Allah).

In the picture of his arrest shared by ANI, Sahil, who stabbed Sakshi over 20 times and brutally murdered her, was seen wearing Kalava (a sacred Hindu thread) on his wrist. Sakshi and Sahil were reportedly in a relationship and had an ugly fight a day before the murder. The victim was on her way to attend a birthday party of her friend’s son when Sahil stopped her and started attacking her with a knife. In the brutal attack, Sahil kept stabbing the victim repeatedly and later picked up a concrete block to crush her head.

Interestingly, Sakshi’s friend has now revealed that Sakshi believed Sahil was a Hindu. With the story by Sahil that points towards his staunch Islamic views and the fact that he was wearing a Kalava while getting arrested coupled with the revelation by Sakshi’s friend, there is now a need for the police to investigate whether a religious motive was involved in the murder by Sahil. After this revelation by Sakshi’s friend, the police have claimed that they will investigate the Love Jihad angle too.

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