Vision 2047? Will Chandrababu Naidu ever see it?

The other day, Telugu Desam Party president and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu tried to give himself a big hype in the media with his same old tactics of projecting a vision document in the name of Vision 2047 for India.

Unfortunately for him, there were not many takers for Naidu’s vision, because it did not appeal to anybody much as his ideas. Moreover, there is nothing new in the five strategies he was talking about and they are already under implementation.

Naturally, YSR Congress party has been trolling Naidu for his so-called vision which he thought would give him an intellectual image.

On Thursday, YSRC MP and general secretary V Vijay Sai Reddy pooh-poohed Naidu’s ‘Vision 2047’ document and called it a big fat lie.

“His earlier Vision-2020 turned out to be a mega flop. Now, he has found a new way to fool people via his fake document full of lies called Vision 2047,” he said.

Sai Reddy said Naidu was trying to project himself as a visionary by managing the media and social media.

“Just imagine in what position Chandrababu Naidu would be by 2047? Will he ever see what the country would be like in 2047? So, it is nothing but hoodwinking the people,” he said.

The YSRC leader said Naidu’s episode would come to an end in 2024 and he would have to lead a tearful life thereafter with all his dreams and visions shattered completely. 

“After 2024 elections, Naidu will have to take political sanyas. The TDP will disappear after that and new political parties would come into the state politics. As far as Lokesh is concerned, he would have no future in politics,” Sal Reddy said.

Stating that the TDP ceased to be a political party, the MP said it had turned into a Telugu Dacoit Party.

“The people won’t accept it anymore. The Election Commission of India has to derecognise it,” he said.

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