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RJD leader Sarika Paswan on Saturday said Rahul Gandhi gets proposals from Hollywood and Bollywood and it is ridiculous that he would give ‘flying kisses’ to Union minister Smriti Irani. In videos that are doing rounds on social media, the woman leader said, “Who asked Smriti Irani to catch Rahul Gandhi’s flying kiss? Will she be ever able to prove that Rahul Gandhi’s air kiss was for her? These are people who spread hatred. They spread hatred over religion, caste and now behaviour.”

Rahul Gandhi’s apparent gesture of a flying kiss in the Lok Sabha became a major issue after women MPs submitted a complaint to the Speaker.

“What about Brij Bhushan Singh who touched the chest of women athletes or the BJP leader who urinated on a Dalit person? What about the women being paraded naked in Manipur,” Sarika Paswan said. The RJD leader shared one of the interviews given over Rahul Gandhi’s flying kiss controversy on her Facebook.

Sarika Paswan is the second woman leader from Bihar to speak in favour of Rahul Gandhi over the controversy. Earlier, Bihar Congress leader Neetu Singh said Rahul Gandhi has no dearth of women. “If Rahul Gandhi has to give a flying kiss, he will give it to a young woman. Why will he give a flying kiss to a 50-year-old woman?” Neetu Singh said, drawing flak for her comment.

Rahul Gandhi’s apparent ‘flying kiss’ in the Lok Sabha the day he spoke on the no-confidence motion became a major issue after Smriti Irani who spoke immediately after Rahul Gandhi mentioned the gesture in her speech. Objecting to it, Smriti Irani said only a misogynist man can make such a gesture. Over 20 women MPs signed a complaint which was submitted to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla against Rahul Gandhi’s ‘inappropriate gesture’ in the Lok Saha.

“I would like to draw your attention towards the incident in the House by Rahul Gandhi, MP from Wayanad, Kerala. The said member has behaved in an indecent manner and making inappropriate gesture towards Smriti Irani, Union Minister and Member of this House while she was addressing the House. We demand stringent action against such behaviour by the Manner, which has not only insulted the dignity women members in the House, it has also brought disrepute and lowered the dignity of this august House,” the letter read.

Actor-turned-BJP MP Hema Malini who signed the complaint letter, however, said she did not see Rahul Gandhi’s gesture. “I did not see that. But some words were not very correct,” Hema Malini said.

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