Woman Asks Husband Why He Is Spending $8 A month On “X Premium”. Chat Is Viral

Woman Asks Husband Why He Is Spending $8 A month On 'X Premium'. Chat Is Viral

‘X Premium’ is a service launched by social media platform.

A screenshot claiming to show a conversation between a husband and his wife is going viral for a funny reason. The screenshot of iPhone’s messaging service iMessage shows the woman asking her husband why he is paying $8 every month the “X Premium”, the offering by Elon Musk-held social media company, formerly known as Twitter. The tweet has received more than 10 million views and over 7,300 likes. The tweet has been posted by entrepreneur Alex Cohen, who lives in the US.

“My wife just texted me this, I’m sleeping on the couch tonight,” Mr Cohen said in the tweet that carries a screenshot of the conversation where a woman is asking her husband about the payment on his credit card.

“Um, what is “X Premium” for $8/mo on the Chase card?” she says in the message. “…how do I explain this,” responds the other side.

The tweet sparked a barrage of comments from other users.

“Perfect answer to get yourself if more trouble,” commented one user. “Babe, it’s just my meme subscription I swear,” another user said while responding to the viral tweet.

Plufl, a company that makes human dog beds, responded with a photo, telling Mr Cohen that he can “sleep on us tonight”.

Twitter was rebranded as X by owner Elon Musk late last month. Mr Musk took over the site in November 2022, and since then has made several changes including laying off almost 50 per cent of the firm’s workforce and appointing Linda Yaccarino as the CEO. This rebrand is the latest among all of Mr Musk’s changes, as Twitter continues to struggle with its advertisement revenue.

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