Yami Gautam reveals she was told to get a nose job; calls her nose ‘pakora’ | Bollywood

Yami Gautam, who often opens up about her journey in films, and how she prefers to stay away from ‘PR heavy activities’, opened up about how she was advised to get a nose job. The actor recalled the incident and said she ‘feels very bad’ for people who take others’ comments about their looks seriously. She also said that sometimes these things can ‘go wrong’. Also read: Yami Gautam reacts to Twitter user who said she needs to hire better PR agency as it would ‘do wonders to her career’

Yami Gautam spoke about people’s obsession with others’ faces.

Yami said that opting for a nose job or any other cosmetic surgery ‘is a personal choice’. She said people should only do it if they choose to, not because of someone else. She also questioned ‘people’s obsession with others’ faces’.

“I was advised to get a nose job! There are so many advice floating around (this was one of them)… I have a nose like ‘pakore (a deep-fried snack)’ and someone asked me to do something about it. But I flatly refused,” Yami told Indian Express.

“What is people’s obsession with others’ faces?! There are girls, people who take it seriously. I feel very bad because you have to look at yourself every day and work. Sometimes if some things go wrong… I mean, it is a personal choice, to each his own. I am no one to comment on anybody else. But I feel it is not right, if you want to do something, that should be your choice. It shouldn’t be coming from anyone, that, ‘Oh, this is what you need to do so then you will get cast or look better.’ I don’t agree with all those things.”

Yami was last seen in Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga alongside Sunny Kaushal and Sharad Kelkar. She was seen in the role of an air hostess in the movie that was released on March 24 on Netflix. The film, set inside a hijacked plane, is directed by Ajay Singh. Before Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga, Yami featured in Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s thriller Lost alongside Pankaj Kapur, Rahul Khanna and Tushar Pandey.

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