YSRC gives strong retort to megastar!

It appears something has gone wrong between megastar Chiranjeevi and the ruling YSR Congress party in Andhra Pradesh for some unknown reason.

Within hours of Chiranjeevi making pungent comments against the YSRC government on the issue of remuneration for Tollywood actors, the ruling party leaders shot back at him.

Former minister and senior YSRC leader Kodali Nani, known for his foul-mouth comments, said Chiranjeevi should stop giving free advices to the government and give the same to the “pakodi gallu” (silly fellows) in the film industry.

“There are many “pakodi gallu” in the film industry. Instead of commenting on what the government should do and how it should be, it would be better if he gives proper advices to his film industry people,” Kodali said.

He said Chiranjeevi should stop talking about politics and concentrate on action, dances and fights.

“Tell your fellow actors also to do the same,” he said.

It may be mentioned that while speaking  at the 200 days function of his film “Waltair Veeraiah,” the megastar made an indirect attack on the Jagan government, particularly state irrigation minister Ambati Rambabu, who questioned how much remuneration power star Pawan Kalyan was charging for each film.

“Why are you targeting small birds? Why should the minsters and the government speak on the remuneration of actors? You should concentrate on special category status, roads, projects, jobs, employment opportunities and schemes that would fill the belly of the poor,” Chiranjeevi said.

Another senior YSRC leader and state education minister Botsa Satyanarayana also found fault with Chiranjeevi for making such comments.

“Have you admitted that the film industry is like a small bird?” You should make it clear,” he said.

Botsa said every poor family was getting benefitted by the welfare schemes of the Jagan government.

“I don’t understand why Chiranjeevi was making such comments on the government. He should give an explanation,” he demanded.

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